Back At It With The Guys! Went Zorbing With The Ol' Gang!

Published on March 8 2017

Yo dudes zorbing was awesome !!

Yo dudes zorbing was awesome !!

Yo dudes! I’m back at it! It’s been a long time since my accident and the road has been twisted and hard. But as you can see guys I’m back. Twice is crazy, twice as shredded and twice as ready to get back at it!

Last week I met my good pals Jackie, Bruno the beast, and Old man Danny in my hometown Lewisberry, Pensilvania. I said I had to get back on track with my crazy shit so we had this idea to go to the local OGO Park and hit those crazy zorbing balls! For you beginners, who have no idea what this is, zorbing is this kind of sport, where you get inside some giant ball which rolls out of control on a hill. Seems these balls can travel as fast as a car, somewhere along the lines of 50-60 mph. Pretty cool, huh?

I think zorbing was the best choice for me to get back on track, cos is pretty safe compared to all the other things I’ve done, and if you do it in some controlled area, like these special organized parks, nothing bad could happen. I’ve read of a guy going zorbing somewhere in Russia, but he did it on some unsupervised mountain slope during winter. I think you know where I’m going with this right? The story didn’t have a happy ending.

But hey, we’re smart dudes. We went to our local park. They have special tracks to go zorbing, dug in the ground so they guide the Zorbing-Ball on a predefined trajectory so that the whole ride is safe and controlled. I would never be stupid enough to do the same mistakes again, like I did with my accident. I mean doing something like snowboarding is already dangerous enough, I really shouldn’t have gone off track with it.

Anyway back to my zorbing experience, we reached Roundtop Mountain Resort at around noon. It was freaking hot and we were sweating all over. So to my surprise, when the instructor told us that we would be doing water-zorbing I was stoked. For those of you who don’t know, water zorbing is when they pour some water inside the inner ball so that you float around as it travels down the slope.

That was pretty cool. We undressed, put on our swimsuits and got ready to rumble. Despite my small disability, cause I’m still limping a leg a little bit, I have to say that I slid in quite easily. Danny passed me my GoPro, I presed Record and we started rolling. It was super fun. As we travel down the hill water was splashing all over and it genuinely felt like I was inside some giant washing machine. As the ball came to a stop I only had one thing in mind: let’s do this again.

Had a lot of fun that they. I must admit the resort is pretty cool. We didn’t only go zorbing. We did some bumper boats, then went for something called the Alpine Traverse and we ended the day with a huge BBQ. Steak, Coke, fries and all the gravy we could get. It was an awesome experience. I can’t wait to do it again someday!

Written by Jake

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